3 in 1 Instant Coffee Premix

Our coffee premix has a perfect blend of coffee chicory which gives dramatic mouthfeel of brewed coffee.Dairy Creamer and sugar is already added and ready to prepare.. Bring home the brewed coffee experience.

Available quantities to choose from(for all the products below)

  • 10 single serve sachets box(15g x10 sachets)
  • 250g pouch
  • 500g pouch
  • 1kg pouch

3 in 1 Instant Tea Premix

Tea (chai) is the most common beverage and Indian tea is famous for its quality. Our product has finest tea extracts with your favorite flavor to choose from.Its easy to prepare as it has dairy creamer and sugar in right quantity.Just add hot water and enjoy the beverage.

We have the following flavors for you to choose.



Instant Green Tea Premix

Green tea which has been used by chinese for 4000 years ago is a fad among people now for various health benifiting properties.It has antioxidants called Polyphenols which helps against aging,stimulates weight loss and has anti cancer properties.Our product has finest quality of real green tea extracts,choosing it will make a healthier choice.Choose your favourite flavor and refresh yourself.

We have the following flavors for you to choose.



Instant Lemon Tea Premix

Lemon Tea is a form of black tea which is blended with right quality of lemon extract.Our product contains fortified vitamins which gives an instant refreshment.

Add hot or cold water and get refreshed yourself.


Instant Badam Premix

Badam(almond) is known for keeping heart healthy, strengthen bones and keep skin glowing .Our product is enriched with fine almonds and its easy to prepare. Just add hot or cold water and prepare a nutritional drink.